Varsadni aagahi Ambalal Patel

Varsadni aagahi Ambalal Patel: Meteorologist Ambalal Patel predicts the arrival of the fourth round of monsoon in Gujarat, with heavy rains expected from July 27. Learn more about the forecast and its implications for the state.

Varsadni aagahi Ambalal Patel

Meteorologist Ambalal Patel has once again predicted the progress of monsoon in Gujarat. This time, it gives an exact date for the arrival of the fourth round of monsoon. With three rounds of heavy rains in the state, let's see what Ambalal Patel predicts for the next monsoon phase.

Ambalal Patel Prediction 2023

Heavy rain forecast from July 27 – August 5

According to Ambalal Patel, the state will witness rain with lightning today, but the real deluge will start from July 27. A wind-moist gust is expected to affect western India during this period, resulting in heavy rainfall across South Gujarat and South Saurashtra. 

Flood warning for North and Central Gujarat 

During the first week of August, most of the districts of Gujarat will receive heavy rains, the rivers of North and Central Gujarat are likely to experience flood conditions. The Sabarmati river is predicted to overflow, and the discharge of Tapi and Narmada rivers will also increase.

Meteorological department's five- day forecast 

Contrary to Ambalal Patel's predictions, Director of Meteorological Department Dr. Manorama Mohanty has predicted heavy rains in Gujarat in the next few days. Areas like Valsad, Bharuch and Banaskantha may receive heavy rainfall at certain places. With light to moderate rain expected in Ahmedabad, the intensity of rain is expected to decrease across Gujarat. Currently, Gujarat receives 83% of its seasonal rainfall, with Saurashtra receiving 120%, 20% more than the average.

Rainfall statistics across Gujarat 

Looking at the historical rainfall figures, Gujarat normally receives an average of 78% of the seasonal rainfall. Kutch recorded 124%, Saurashtra 100%, North Gujarat 58% and South Gujarat 54% of expected rainfall. Additionally, central Gujarat received 53% of its expected rainfall. Notably, Junagadh district experienced 143% of seasonal rainfall, with other regions like Kutch, Gir Somnath and Rajkot crossing 100%.


Ambalal Patel's monsoon forecast indicates the beginning of the fourth round of monsoon in Gujarat, bringing heavy rains from July 27 to August 5. While the Meteorological Department provides different forecasts for the next few days, it is important for the residents and authorities of the state to remain vigilant and be prepared for possible flood and weather-related challenges. Monitoring local weather updates and advisories can help ensure safety during this monsoon season.