Sahara Refund Portal Registration Online

Sahara Refund Portal Registration Online: Find out how to claim your refund through the user-friendly Sahara Refund Portal. Follow these steps to apply for your refund online and track the status hassle-free. Eligible depositors can reclaim their hard-earned money through the CRCS Sahara refund portal.

Sahara Refund Portal Registration Online

The Sahara Refund Portal, launched on July 18, 2023 by Central Cooperative Societies (CRCS), Ministry of Cooperatives, Government of India, aims to provide authorized members of Sahara Group Cooperative Societies with Rs. 5000 crore is to be distributed. Hon'ble Union Minister of Home Affairs and Cooperation, Shri Amit Shah launched the portal, which accepts online applications from eligible depositors through its official website The initiative follows the Supreme Court's judgment, giving Sahara depositors an opportunity to reclaim their investment through the user-friendly Sahara Refund Portal.

Sahara Refund Portal Registration Online

On July 18, 2023, Union Co-operative Minister Amit Shah will unveil the Sahara Refund Portal, bringing excitement to Sahara's 10 crore depositors. Through this portal, investors whose investment period has expired will get their money back. The launch is a result of the Supreme Court ruling, and aims to provide Sahara investors with all relevant information regarding the money refund process.

The Ministry of Cooperatives has taken this step to address the claims of investors who have deposited money in cooperative societies of Sahara Portal and Sahara Group, including Sahara Credit Cooperative Society Limited. The Supreme Court has ordered the CRCS to allocate Rs 5,000 crore for these claims.

CRCS Sahara Refund Portal (Sahara Refund Portal 2023):

The CRCS Sahara refund portal links depositors' Aadhaar numbers with their mobile phones and bank accounts. After providing the receipt details and filling the form, the refund process starts. Money is credited to the claimant's bank account within 45 days.

How to Apply on Sahara Refund Portal:

To apply for a refund on the Sahara Refund Portal, follow these simple steps:

  • Visit the official website at
  • Register using your Aadhaar number, mobile number and other required details.
  • Verify your email address for further communication.
  • Log in to your account using your Aadhaar number and mobile number.
  • Review the instructions and features of the portal for easy application process.
  • Complete the online refund request form, providing accurate and complete information.
  • Upload the required documents, ensuring that they meet the specified size limits.
  • Double check all information and documents before submitting refund request.
  • Submit your refund request on the portal.

Documents Required for CRCS Sahara Refund Portal :

Documents required to apply on CRCS Sahara Refund Portal:

  • Deposit Account Number
  • Aadhaar Linked Mobile Number (Mandatory)
  • Membership no
  • Certificate of Deposit/Passbook
  • PAN Card (if claim amount is more than Rs. 50,000)


The Sahara Refund Portal marks an important step towards ensuring that depositors receive their dues in a timely and transparent manner. With its user-friendly interface and streamlined process, the portal empowers depositors to reclaim their hard-earned money without any unnecessary hassle. So, if you are eligible for Sahara Group Cooperative Societies, then wait no more. Go to the Sahara Refund Portal, register and apply for your refund today!

Sahara Refund Portal: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who introduced Sahara Refund Portal?

This portal was launched on July 18, 2023 by Hon'ble Union Minister of Home Affairs and Cooperation Mr. Amit Shah. 

How can eligible depositors apply for their refund?

Eligible depositors can apply for their refund through Sahara Refund Portal official website: By providing their Aadhaar number, mobile number and other necessary details, they can log in and submit their refund requests. 

How long does it take to get a refund through the Sahara Refund Portal?

The refund will be credited to your bank account within 45 days of submitting the claim on the portal. 

Is the Sahara Refund Portal currently operational?

As per the latest update, the Sahara Refund Portal may face technical issues. Stay updated on official announcements from CRCS for its resolution information.

How can I track the status of my refund request?

You can track the status of your refund request through the portal and receive updates through SMS/portal. The Sahara Refund Portal ensures a hassle-free and transparent experience for depositors during the refund process.