Conjunctivitis What to do in the disease

Conjunctivitis What to do in the disease: Cases of conjunctivitis i.e. Viral conjunctivitis have been reported in various cities and districts of the state, taking note of which the state health department has taken care of primary health centers, collective health centers, sub district hospitals, district level hospitals and medical college-hospitals. A proper arrangement has been made for treatment. Currently, such cases are coming up in which people's eyes become red and the eyes hurt. A specific guideline has been announced by the health department in this regard. 

Conjunctivitis What to do in the disease

The government announced the guidelines and said that if there is redness or pain in the eyes, one should seek treatment from the nearest ophthalmologist, there is no need to panic, but proper treatment and precautions must be taken. A patient with infection should wear spectacles and maintain cleanliness and avoid going to crowded places.

Conjunctivitis disease

The health department has advised that in case of red, sore eyes, the most important thing is personal hygiene, keep your hands and mouth clean, wash your hands and mouth periodically with soap, hotels, hostels, gatherings, theatres, ST stands, railway stations. , malls etc. should pay special attention to cleanliness in public places and if possible avoid movement in such places. If redness appears in the eyes, pain or swelling, go to the nearest eye doctor for treatment, do not take eye drops from the medical store without consulting the doctor yourself. It is necessary to wash hands with soap before and after applying the drops prescribed by the doctor. If any member of the family is affected, keep your hand handkerchief, bath towel, all personal items apart.


With the onset of monsoon, the cases of conjunctivitis i.e. eye infection have increased by 40 percent in addition to mosquito-borne diseases. Taking this into consideration, the state government issued an advisory and said that there is no need to panic, but it is very important to treat the eyes in time and maintain cleanliness with caution to prevent further spread. The Health Department has set up proper facilities for treatment of Viral Conjunctivitis at Primary Health Centres, Community Health Centres, Sub-District Hospitals, District Level Hospitals and Medical College Hospitals.

Symptoms of conjunctivitis

The following symptoms are seen in viral conjunctivitis which is very common nowadays.

  • Red eyes.
  • Itchy eyes.
  • Constant watery eyes. 
  • Eye pain.
  • Stinging of the eyelids.
  • Sometimes pus may also come out of the eye.

What to do in conjunctivitis?

The health department has issued guidelines regarding the disease of eye conjunctivitis, which is very common.

  • An infected person should wear glasses.
  • If water is coming out of the eyes, clean the mouth with a tissue paper when it comes to the cheeks. –
  • Keeping the handkerchief of an infected person separate.
  • An infected person should wash their hands frequently.
  • Caregivers of infected children should wash their hands frequently. •
  • Get treatment as per doctor's advice.

Causes of conjunctivitis

  • moves and bacterial ctumsen
  • This sneeze cough feels like a gap
  • Allergic conjunctivitis caused by direct contact
  • From the lap of a pet
  • Dust, wind, grass, flowers, fruit, pollen

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What not to do in conjunctivitis?

  • Do not touch the eye with this hand or rub it.
  • Do not shake hands with an infected person and do not eat fried food.
  • Avoid using items that have been used by this infected person
  • This person should not self-inject antibiotic or steroid drops.
  • Avoid other children playing with infected children.