Chandrayaan 3 launch Watch Live

Chandrayaan 3 launch Watch Live: The Indian Space and Research Organization is going to launch the Chandrayaan-3 On 14th July 2023 @ 2:35 PM (Indian Standard Time). This mission aims to land Rover and Lander on the South Pole of the Moon to make basic studies of the surface of the celestial body. So we are here with complete information on Chandrayaan 3 Launch Date & Time and various other information related to the mission. It is to inform you that Chandrayaan 3 Budget is ₹615 Crore and this mission holds special importance for ISRO. The ISRO has also invited the citizens to Watch Live Launch of the Vehicle by doing the Chandrayaan-3 Registration on You can check the Detailed Features of the Chandrayaan 3 in the section below and then get to know about the specialities of the mission. You can also watch Chandrayaan 3 Launch Live on National TV, News Channels and Official youtube channel of ISRO.

Chandrayaan 3 launch Watch Live

Chandrayaan 3 Watch Live

As we know, Indian Space & Research Organization is the World Famous Space Exploration Agency known for successfully conducting various Space Missions. Now, they have developed the new mission known as Chandrayaan 3 which will be launched on 14th July 2023. This Mission holds special importance for ISRO as it will collect various important information from the Moon Surface. As the Chandrayaan 3 Launch Date is near, all of you should know everything about this mission and then watch the launch event. Moreover, Chandrayaan 3 Launch will take place at Satish Dhawan Space Centre at around 2:35 PM on 14th July 2023. You should stick to TV or Register Online @ to watch the Live Launch Event. This mission includes Lander and Rover in which Lander will do the soft landing on the surface whereas Rover will travel the surface to know the different patterns in the surface of the Moon.

Chandrayaan-3 Launch Live Watch @

  • Organization: Indian Space and Research Organization
  • Mission: Chandrayan-3
  • Type of Mission: Lunar Mission
  • Purpose of Mission: To Collect Scientific Date of Moon Surface, Chemical Composition of Soil and other minerals
  • Components: Propulsion Module, Lander and Rover
  • Mission Duration: Propulsion Module has Duration of 14 Days
  • Payload: SHAPE (Spectro-polarimetry of Habitable Planet Earth)
  • Mission Duration: Not Specified
  • Chandrayaan 3 Launch Date: 14th July 2023
  • Chandrayaan 3 Launch Time: 2:35 PM (Indian Standard Time)
  • Landing Date: 23 August 2023
  • Location of Landing: South Pole of Moon
  • Budget of Chandrayaan 3: ₹615 Crore
  • Official Website:

ISRO Chandrayan 3 Mission Details

  • The Chandrayaan 3 Mission Details are discussed in the points below for your reference.
  • This is the lunar mission and the project is developed by the Indian Space and Research Organization.
  • It is developed to know about the Surface Properties and Chemical Properties of the Moon.
  • The Chandrayaan 3 is developed on the huge Budget of ₹615 Crore and consists of Propulsion Module, Lander and Rover.
  • The Rover will traverse through the Moon Surface and Lander will collect the samples from the South Pole.
  • Both lander and rover have payloads known as ChaSTE and APXS Respectively to get various data.

Chandrayan 3 Registration

The ISRO is also offering the visitors to come and watch the Launch event live through the View Gallery at SriHarikota in Andhra Pradesh. You can complete the Chandrayaan 3 Registration @ to get your Tickets and then you Watch Chandrayaan 3 Live the event through the Gallery. Simply visit the official website and then select the Chandrayaan 3 Mission. Now, you should tap on the Registration button and then fill the form with basic details. Once you have completed the Registration, download your tickets from the website using your mobile number. Make sure you have got the Covid Doses and also carry the Government issued valid ID Card such as Aadhar Card and Driving License to get entry in the view gallery. This mission is of National Importance so all the citizens should definitely watch it either on TV or Live through the View Gallery.

ISRO Official Youtube Click Here
CHANDRAYAAN-3 live View Here

How To Watch Chandrayan 3 Launch Live

  • You can Watch Chandrayaan 3 Launch Live through the Instructions given below.
  • First of all, you can complete the Registration process as discussed above and then get the tickets to watch the live event.
  • Those having Ticket will be able to Watch Chandrayaan 3 Live the event through their eyes from the View Gallery at Satish Dhawan Space Centre.
  • However, those who are away from the location should Watch Chandrayaan 3 Liv the Event live on Television or Mobile.
  • There are various methods to Watch Chandrayaan 3 Live the event such as on DD TV, News Channels and youtube Channel of ISRO.

Watch Chandrayan 3 Launch Live Online

  • All the Chandrayaan 3 Features are discussed in the points below for your reference.
  • First of all, this mission includes 3 major components known as Launching Vehicle (Propulsion Module), Lander and Rover.
  • The Propulsion Module will come back from the Orbit within 14 Days and Lander & Rover will pursue the Journey further.
  • Moreover, it will collect the samples of various soil in the South pole and other similar components.
  • Rover will continue to traverse through the moon and note down the different patterns of the surface.