Rath Yatra LIVE 2023

Rath Yatra LIVE 2023: Rath Yatra 2023 LIVE Updates: Keep refreshing this website to know all the updates, real time information, daily important news and breaking news related to the 146th Rath Yatra of Lord Jagannath.

Ahmedabad Rath Yatra 2023 LIVE Updates: Tomorrow is the 146th Rath Yatra of Lord Jagannath (146 Jagannath Rathyatra) in Ahmedabad. Jagannath, the Nath of the world, along with his sister Subhadra and brother Balaram, will go for a city tour in a new chariot. Union Home Minister Amit Shah will perform Mangala Aarti at 4.00 am, while Mahabhog (Khichdibhog) will be held at 4.30 am. From 5.30 to 6.00 in the morning the Lord will be enthroned in the chariot.

Rath Yatra LIVE 2023

Rath Yatra commencement ceremony will be started with the auspicious hand of Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel by pulling the chariot. The Rath Yatra will leave from the premises of Sri Jagannathji Temple at 7.05 am and will return to the temple itself at 8.30 pm after going around the town as per tradition.

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146th Majestic Rath Yatra of Jagannathji

Ratha Yatra (Puri) The main temple of Jagannath is located in Puri, Odisha. Puri is especially famous for Rath Yatra or Ratha Jatra. This Rath Yatra starts in the month of Ashadha i.e. June or July according to the English month. The Rath Yatra of Jagannathpuri is considered to be the oldest and largest Hindu chariot festival. Even in Gujarat, a very big Rath Yatra takes place in Ahmedabad. Also, small and big Rath Yatras are organized in many places in the Krishna temple. This festival includes three deities namely Lord Jagannath, his brother Balabhadra and sister Subhadra. These three Gods are mounted in a chariot, taken around the village and brought to the Gunde temple. They stay in this small temple for a week, after which they are again offered Padhramani to the Jagannath temple.

Ahmedabad Ratha Yatra Attractions

  • 18 Decorated Gajrajas
  • 101 Trucks giving an overview of Indian culture
  • Arena with 30 limb exercise experiments
  • 18 Bhajan Mandals
  • 3 band players
  • About 1200 sailor brothers
  • About 2000 sadhu saints

According to the 146th Rath Yatra of Lord Jagannath, the announcement of Ahmedabad Police has given diversion on 27 roads of Ahmedabad. Alternative routes have also been arranged for motorists.

What time Ahmedabad Ratha Yatra will reach at which place? – Ahmedabad Rath Yatra 2023 Timings and Route

Rath Yatra will start from the temple at 7-05 am

  • 9-00 am Municipal Corporation
  • 9-45 AM Raipur Chakla
  • 10-30am Khadiya Char Rasta
  • 11-15 AM Kalupur Circle
  • 12-00 noon Saraspur
  • 1-30 pm will return from Saraspur
  • 2-00 PM Kalupur Circle
  • 2-30 pm Prem Darwaza
  • 3-15 pm Delhi Chakla
  • 3-45 PM Shahpur Darwaza
  • 4-30 pm RC High School
  • 5-00 pm Ghee Kanta
  • 5-45 pm Pankor Naka
  • 6-30 PM Manekchowk
  • Return to temple at 8-30 pm