GSRTC Online Bus Pass

GSRTC Online Bus Pass: In today's fast paced world, convenience and hassle-free transportation is of utmost importance. The Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation (GSRTC) is aware of this and has therefore launched the Unholy GSRTC Online Bus Pass 2023. This new service saves the traveling public from the hassle of buying tickets every time in Gujarat. Let us see the benefits and features of GSRTC online bus pass and how it has changed the journey in Gujarat.

GSRTC Online Bus Pass

GSRTC BUS Student Pass

  • Please open the website in your web browser.
  • On this website, click on “Student Pass System” which is given in the first option.
  • Then you will be shown 3 options.
  • (1) Student 1-12 (2) ITI (3) Others Select the appropriate option.
  • After that the pass form will open in front of you.
  • Fill the required details in the form. Submit form. Take a print out of the travel pass.

Online Application Form for Passenger Pass

  • Please open the website in your web browser.
  • Then do your new registration on that.
  • Submit the required details as per the guidance.
  • No need to enter fresh details for monthly renewal.
  • You can renew the pass through your ID number.

Aasaan Online Registration

The GSRTC Online Bus Pass system makes the process of getting a bus pass very easy. Commuters can register for the pass through the official GSRTC website or through the dedicated mobile application. With the user-friendly interface and step-by-step instructions, everyone can easily understand and complete the registration process.

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Bus Pass Ke Prakar

GSRTC offers different pass types to take care of the different needs of the traveling public. Whether you are a daily traveller or a frequent traveller, you get a chance to choose from options like daily, weekly, monthly or annual passes. The duration of the pass is arranged to give you the flexibility to choose the best option depending on what suits your travel.

Nakad Mukt Vitrana

With GSRTC Online Bus Pass, you no longer need to worry about carrying cash or standing in long queues to buy tickets. Online pass gives the facility of cashless transaction, jisse aap bus mein chadhne ke samay bas apna pass scan karke bina pareshani ke safar kar sakte hain. It not only saves time, but also provides a secure and touch-free payment method.

Anant Safar

One big advantage of GSRTC Online Bus Pass is that it gives you freedom. While you have the pass, you can travel continuously within the given duration and route. Should you want to travel within the city or any other city in Gujarat, the online bus pass allows you to travel on GSRTC buses, making your travel more economical than convenient.

Real-Time Updates

The GSRTC Online Bus Pass system keeps you abreast with periodic bus updates like bus timings, route changes and other important issues. This feature always keeps you updated about travel related updates. You can visit GSRTC's website or mobile application and get information about any change, which makes your journey even easier.

Responsible for the environment

By opting for GSRTC Online Bus Pass you contribute to hit the environment. Increasing the use of online passes reduces the need for paper tickets, which leads to the need to cut down fewer trees and generate less waste.

It helps you work towards your commitment to the environment as well as your carbon footprint.


GSRTC Online Bus Pass 2023 ne Gujarat mein has changed the world of traveling people. With easy online registration process, cash-free delivery, infinite travel options, real-time updates and eco-friendly benefits, this service makes travel easy and economical. Whether you are a daily commuter or a frequent traveler, GSRTC Online Bus Pass offers more convenience than you are used to. Make the technological advancement your own and experience the ease and joy of traveling through the cities of Gujarat.