How to Invest in Amazon

 In US you are allowed to buy/sell partial shares (known as fractional shares). Fractional shares of only a few companies may be available with your broker.

For example, you can buy 1 share of Amazon for $3568.

Fractional shares allow you to buy 0.01 Amazon shares by paying 3568 x 0.01 = $35.68.

Step 1 –  Select Share for Fractional Buying

The example shows Amazon’s shares priced at $3568.

Click on the “Buy” tab on the right side bottom.

Step 2 – Complete the Order Form and Buy Fractional Shares

Select the order type and fill in the number of shares in fractions (0.005 here in the example). You will see the estimated cost of the fractional shares.

Confirm the buy order as shown below.

You can view all your shares in the portfolio section of the dashboard.

In India, you can invest in Amazon by directly buying shares, or through mutual funds or ETFs that have exposure to Amazon stocks. 

To buy Amazon stock directly, you can:
  1. Open a brokerage account with an NSE IFSC-registered firm
  2. Add funds to your account
  3. Search for Amazon stock by its ticker symbol, AMZN
  4. Fill out the order page, including the number of shares or dollar amount you want to spend, and whether you want a market or limit order
  5. Submit your trade 

You can also buy Amazon stock through Amazon's direct stock purchase plan. 
Other ways to invest in Amazon include:
  • Investing in ETFs that hold Amazon stocks
  • Investing in Indian mutual funds that have exposure to Amazon stocks
  • Trading Amazon through index trading, such as the NASDAQ 100, where Amazon is a major constituent
  • Buying physical shares, which is a popular method for long-term investors

  • Buying share CFDs, which give you additional flexibility as you can short-sell the stock and use leverage 
You can also make money on Amazon by:
  • Selling your own private label products on Amazon
  • Publishing your own books on Kindle Direct Publishing
  • Selling wholesale goods on Amazon
  • Becoming an Amazon Affiliate
  • Becoming an Amazon Influencer
  • Flipping store-bought products with retail arbitrage
  • Flipping online retail store products using online arbitrage 

This is for informational purposes only. For financial advice, consult a professional.

How to buy Amazon stock

You can buy shares of Amazon from any brokerage account. If you still need to open one, these are some of the best-rated brokers and trading platforms. This step-by-step guide will show you how to buy Amazon stock through the five-star-rated platform Fidelity.

Fidelity makes it easy to buy stocks. Its website offers a video tutorial and a step-by-step guide. Here's a screenshot of how to place a stock trade with Fidelity.

On this page, you'll fill in all the relevant information, including:

  • The number of shares you want to buy or the amount you want to invest to purchase fractional shares.
  • The ticker symbol (AMZN for Amazon).
  • Whether you want to place a limit order or a market order. The Motley Fool recommends using a market order since it guarantees you buy shares immediately at the market price right at that moment.

Once you complete the order page, click the Place Order button at the bottom and become an Amazon shareholder.