How to Get Car On Rent

 How to Get Car On Rent in Your City | Top 10 Car Rental Applications in India: Nowadays, the car rental market is growing unexpectedly. It helps many people who don’t have enough funds to buy a car. Due to the growing rate of travel and tourism, online car rentals are expanding day by day.

People generally rent cars using many online applications. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the world is facing economic imbalance and many health-related issues.

So, an individual needs such a car rental application to stay safe and maintain social distance along with the financial condition.

It is expected that the car rental market will grow by about $131 billion by 2026. A person searching for the best car rental application can read this article.

This blog will help them decide on the perfect app for renting cars.

Demand for Transportation Services

The demand for transportation services is rising day by day. Everyone wants to buy a car, but some are unsuccessful due to a shortage of funds.

So, the car rental applications are helping a lot to fulfill their dreams. If you are traveling a long distance, renting a car is preferred.

These days renting an online vehicle is as easy as a cakewalk. You can be your boss if you are driving your rental car instead of hiring a taxi or cab.

You are free to make as many stops as you want. No one will bother you. There are many online car rental apps available, but you can choose as you wish.

This article will discuss the ten best online car rental apps for androids and iOs. You will also get offers on busy days and festival days like Christmas Eve or New year. Whether you want to hire a taxi or book a rental car, it is up to you. “How to Get Car On Rent in Your City | Top 10 Car Rental Applications in India”

Importance of Renting an Online Car

People living in big cities always prefer to book a rental car to go for a vacation or to other places. In this digital era, people are looking for the easiest way to experience the best without spending money.

You can get a car at an affordable price and no need to pay a sky-high price or spend hundreds of dollars repairing and maintaining cars.

In this blog, we will help you decide on the best car rental apps for your needs. Renting a car for long-distance travel will be less expensive than hiring a taxi.

Many years ago, we had to visit the rental vehicle store to choose and select a suitable car for us. But today, you will not fall into all these problems. By sitting at home, you can select your favorite car and go for a long drive.

As the world is growing massively, technology also increases from time to time. You can find cars everywhere. A car is a vital source for traveling with families.

You will need a car to go to the mall with your family or buy groceries from the supermarket. A car makes everything easy.

Nowadays, cars are more expensive than a house or an apartment. You need lakhs and crores to buy a car. Here renting an online car requires a small amount of money.

You will find many car rental stores in major cities, even in car dealerships. So, let’s make a list of the Top 10 Car rental applications In India.


Turo provides its service in almost 5000+ cities. They have almost 800+ car models available for customer use. If you are an android user, you can download this app from the google play store.

It has an easy booking procedure, and the customer can contact the host anytime to check the delivery status of the car. Many people use this app to mark delivery and pickup locations.

Users gave 4.4 ratings, and almost 50L+ users downloaded it. This app is considered one of the best online car rental apps. Here you can choose your favorite car as per your requirements.

The company ensures all the vehicles. So, do not worry about your safety. You can book your car anytime you want. It is available 24×7. “How to Get Car On Rent in Your City | Top 10 Car Rental Applications in India”


Getaround is an application that is used to rent cars online. This application is free, and there is no need to pay a monthly or annual fee.

It is one of the best and most popular apps for android and iOS users. It provides a stress-free trip to its customers. Its customers can take cars for hours or days without any worries and pick up or drop off the vehicle at any center of getting around.

Select your desired car and plan a trip with your family and friends. You can rent a car for an hour and pay $5. There is no need to pay a sky-high price. You can instantly book your vehicle in an emergency from any nearby place.


Kayak is an online rental car application that provides the best services. You can book a car 24×7 as per your need. Kayak has an easy booking procedure.

They always take care of their customers and try their best to provide good service. Kayak will help you in booking flights, cars, and hotels. If you are planning a trip with your family, this app is perfect for you. Just choose your desired car and go for a trip.

They are always successful in fulfilling their customer’s dreams. Almost 1 Crore+ people downloaded this app and gave it a 4.3-star rating. This mobile application is a perfect trip organizer. We suggest you download this app if you are planning a trip.


Zipcar is considered one of the best applications to rent cars and vans from your nearby area. Just plan a good and enjoyable trip with Zipcar.

This app provides every tiny detail of a vehicle like the gas mileage, dedicated parking, insurance, and other reservations. Using this application, you can rent cars for hours or days.

The Zip team will provide you with the best service and try to clarify all your doubts. You can also check the upcoming car reservations and can plan accordingly.

You will find many varieties of vehicle models and can choose as per your wish. Almost 1T+ users downloaded this app and loved using it. Download this app on your phone and book a car for a family trip. “How to Get Car On Rent in Your City | Top 10 Car Rental Applications in India”


You can book your favorite car from this application. It only takes a few minutes to book a vehicle using hertz. There is no need for a face-to-face conversation to transfer any personal details.

Just download this application and book a car with an easy booking procedure. You will get special offers at festivals. The team always tries its best to provide the best service to its customer.

They will guide you with every small and quick detail information. It also helps its users to search for parking slots through SpotHero.

It also permits the accessibility of receipts for expense tracking. Over 10lakh+ people downloaded this app and loved using it. Both android and iOS users can download this app on their phones.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

This application was made to book online rental cars. It never fails to help people in their emergencies. The team always takes care of customer satisfaction.

This application has spread over 7800 locations and supports many languages, including English. Just pay less and take your car for days or hours. They provide 24×7 hours service. The user of enterprise rent-a-car views the pickup and drop locations and provides information about the current rental car item.

You can safely enjoy your trip without any worries. Just download this app on your android or iOS phone and enjoy its services.


Virtuo application provides its customers with hassle-free and flexible cars. Please choose your desired car and book it for a tension-free ride.

Drive yourself and be your boss. You can book top model cars at a lower price. So, go soon and book a car. The virtuo application provides its services at airports and railway stations also.

France, UK, Spain, and Belgium are where the virtuo offers its services. Almost 5lakh+ users downloaded this application on their phones. Both Android and iOS users can download this app and use it. I highly recommend this app if you plan a trip with your family and friends. “How to Get Car On Rent in Your City | Top 10 Car Rental Applications in India”


If you are searching for an online car rental application, this app is perfect for you. This app is easy to use and specifically designed for a middle man.

This is considered one of the best apps among the top 10 best online car rental apps. You can also book a truck and pick it up, not only cars. Once your work is done, you can drop it off at the center.

In the cargo app, you can pay less money and take your favorite car as you want. It also helps to check and manage car rentals.


You can also book flights, hotels, and other transportation along with cars. It helps their customers for a safe and worries ride. An entire vacation or trip can be planned in this application.

No extra booking charges are included in this application. You can easily download this app on your android and iOS phones and use it—no more worries about hiring a taxi or cab.

Just book your desirable model and go for a ride with your family or friends. This app is highly suggested for planning a trip. Over 5cr+ people downloaded this app and loved using this app.


SIXT is an application used for renting cars online. This app contains top models of cars, and you can book a vehicle as per your choice. SIXT serves more than 100 countries in the world.

They never fail to provide the best service to their customers. If you are in a hurry, you can instantly book a car and go. Every range of vehicles is available in this app.

Over 10lakh+ users downloaded this app and also loved using this app. IOS and Android users can download this car renting application from their play store. “How to Get Car On Rent in Your City | Top 10 Car Rental Applications in India”


This article is a guide for those who want to take online rental cars. Just download these applications on your phone and start using them. Select your desirable app and use it. We hope this article might help you choose the perfect app for you.