How to earn money from Zili App

 If you are also fond of making videos then Zili App can be the best platform for you. Here lakhs of people are earning big money by making short videos. If you also want to earn money from Zili App then follow my instructions.How to earn money from Zili App Read the article completely.Zili App Short Videos Is a very popular app for.

What is Zili App?

FirstIt’s App There was a Chinese app but when the mobile apps run by China were closed by the Indian Government.It’s App released its Indian version. Nowadays youIt’s App It is an Indian app operated by China.

NowadaysIt’s App It is very popular in India, people are using it by uploading short videos. Due to which the number of followers on their account is increasing and this is one of the main reasons for earning money. The more followers you have on your account, the more you will earn. So whenever youIt’s App If you work on it, then pay more attention to increasing the number of followers on your account.

It’s App But there are many ways to earn money. Even though the main function of this app is to show short videos but apart from that alsoIt’s App Creators make money in many ways. if you also wantIt’s App But by creating your own account, you can use the methods of earning money by uploading videos on it and increasing the number of your followers.

whenever youIt’s App But when you start working by creating an account, then pay special attention to the fact that the quality and content of the videos uploaded by you should be good, only then more people will see the content posted by you, which will increase the number of followers on your account. The more views your videos get and the more followers you have on your account, the greater your chances of earning.

How to earn money by making videos

It’s AppThe main reason to earn money is to make videos. You cannot earn any money until you post any video on your account and the number of views and followers on it increases. Just like you earn money by posting videos or content on sites like Instagram, in the same wayIt’s App Also works.

if you tooIt’s App If you want to earn money then first of allIt’s App Create your own account and start uploading your own videos with good content and quality. The more videos you upload, the more people will watch and follow your videos. As soon as the number of followers increases on your app, you will start earning money from your account.

Earn money from Affiliate

How to earn money from Affiliate Marketing For this you will have to promote Affiliate products on your account. For this you can place your order on any online shopping website.Affiliate Create an account and from there pick up the link of such a product which is in high demand in the market but keep in mind that it matches the one below your videos. And you post that link in the description of your videos.

If possible, then say two lines in your videos about your Affiliate link so that when your followers watch your videos, they come and click on the link given by you and purchase it. As soon as any follower makes a purchase from the link given by you, you will get some commission from it, which the shopping website will credit to your account within a week. In this way you can use Zili AppAffiliate You can earn money by doing this.

How to earn money from sponsorship

When the number of followers on your account and the number of news on the videos created by you increases, then you will Sponsorship Will start meeting. For this you will have to sponsor a company’s product in your videos. This means that you have to promote that product in your videos so that your followers can buy that product.

For this, the product of the company you are usingSponsorship That company will give you money. Therefore, whenever you sponsor any product, finalize your deal with the company as to how much money you will get for each video for sponsoring its product. In this way you can earn money by sponsoring any product.

Earn money by Refer & Earn

Nowadays, many online companies are coming in the market to promote themselves.Refer & Earn Like using features. For this, the user has to share the link on the app with his friends or relatives. As soon as someone clicks on the sent link or downloads the app, the companies give money in return.

Similarly, Zili App also gives ₹50 on each referral for referring its app. In this way, if you refer someone and get them downloaded, you will get ₹ 50 for each referral. If you refer 10 people in a day and get them downloaded, then in this way you can easily earn ₹ 500 per day.

How to download Zili App

It is very easy to download Zili App, for this you have to go to Google Play Store from where you will find Zili App by searching and then download it from there. So that you do not face any problem in downloading Zili App, we are explaining the downloading methods below.

  • Open Google Play Store.
  • Search Zili App in the search bar.
  • There you will see Zili App
  • Click on it.
  • Zili App will be downloaded in your mobile.

By the above mentioned methods you can download Zili App in your mobile.

How to create an account on Zili App

Creating an account on Zili App is very easy, for this you have to download Zili App in your mobile. After that you can create your account by following the steps given below.

  • Download Zili App in your mobile.
  • After that open Zili App.
  • After opening, you will be taken to sign up, click on it.
  • As soon as you click on the Sign up button, you will be asked for some personal information.
  • While filling your personal information, also enter your mobile number.
  • After that an OTP will come on your mobile number, enter it in the OTP bar.
  • Your account will be verified as soon as you submit the OTP.
  • After this you can use your account.

In this way you can create your account on Zili App by the methods given above.

How to withdraw money from Zili App

Withdrawal of money from Zili App is very easy. If you have started earning money from Zili App and money is showing in your Zili App wallet and you want to withdraw it, then you can withdraw money by going to the wallet. There you get the option to withdraw money to Paytm, UPI or bank account. From which you can choose as per your convenience and withdraw your earned money.


zili app banned in india

It’s App It is not closed in India because when the Indian government had closed the Chinese app, Zili App had released its Indian version.

zili app belongs to which country

It’s AppAlthough it is from China but later it was made in India, so you can call it Indian.

zili app customer care number

For thisIt’s App You can go to the official website of where you will get the contact details in Contacts.


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