How to earn money from Moj App

 We know yousearch engineBut from Mauj apphow to earn money We have come here after searching because after the closure of Tik-Tok in India, many people became sad because Tik-Tok was very famous in India and many people liked it.

To ensure that people do not have to endure the sorrow of Tik-Tok’s closure for long, India has created the best alternative to Tik-Tok, which is named Moj App.

Just like Tik-Tok, you can record short video in Moj App and upload it in Moj App. Moj is gradually becoming popular in India and the number of users is also increasing.

In today’s article, we are going to give you all the information related to Moj App and will also tell you thatHow to earn money from Moj App.

If you want complete information about Moj App then stay till the end of this article, after reading it you will not need to read any other article. So without taking much of your time, let us know what Moj App is.

What is Moj App?

My There is a Short Video Making App in which you can make a 15 to 30 second video and upload it. You can make the video more beautiful by editing it.

You can create and share videos related to Singing, Dance, Food, Comedy, Entertainment, Beauty, Lipsync, Tech etc. in Moj.

This app was launched in India under the leadership of Share Chat. You can easily earn money by uploading videos on Mauj app.

How to download Moj App

It is very easy to download Moj App, for this you need toPlay Store You have to go to and search by typing Moj.

Now click on the first result that appears in front of you and by clicking on Install you can easily download Moj App.

How to create account in Moj App

After downloading Moj App, the next step is how to create an account, for this follow the complete process given below.

  • After installing Moj App, open it.
  • After this you select your language.
  • After selecting the language, you will see the option of Create Account, you have to click on it.
  • In this you have to enter your mobile number and click on Signup.
  • After this an OTP will come on your registered mobile number.
  • You have to verify by entering that OTP.
  • As soon as you verify OTP, your account will be created in Moj.

So this was a simple process by following which you can create an account on Moj App.

How to earn money from Moj App

By keeping these following things in mind, you can earn money from Mauj app. Earn money from Mouj app by following these facts.

To earn money from Moj App, first you have to increase the number of your followers, only then you can earn money. Because you must have also heard that the one who has the public has the money.

When your followers increase in Moj App, you can earn money in the five ways mentioned below –

#1 – Earn money from Affiliate Marketing app

Affiliate Marketing The best way to earn money than any other means. You can also earn money from Affiliate Marketing through Moj App.

You can give review of any product in your video and add your affiliate link in it. Now whenever a user buys the product through your link, you will get commission in return. In this way you can earn money through Affiliate Marketing on Moj App.

#2 – You can earn money through collaboration.

If you have good followers in Moj App, then you can make a video with small creators i.e. those who have less followers and can charge money from them in return. This way of earning money from Moj App is also very great.

#3 – Earn money from Moj App by promoting brands

Promotion is also a good medium to earn money from Moj App. When your number of followers is high, many brands will come to you and ask to promote their products. You can promote their product and get good money from them in return.

#4 – Earn money having fun by participating in Contest Videos

Contests keep going on in Moj App. There are some rules in those contests following which you have to make a video. You can also make a great video by participating in those contests. And on winning the contest you get a reward in the form of mobile, car or money.

#5 – By promoting the account of other Moj user

Every day thousands of new creators come to Moj to showcase their talent. When they create Moj account they do not have the number of followers. So you can promote their account and take money from them in return.

Features of Moj App

  • In Moz application you can create a great video in just a few minutes.
  • You can become popular by making great videos on Moz.
  • You can earn money through this app.
  • OurFacebook, Instagram You can increase the number of followers in the account.
  • This is an Indian App so using it is in the interest of the country.

Conclusion: What is Moj App and how to earn money

So friends, through this article we have told youWhat is Moj App? From this to the future of Moj App, we have shared with you all the information, after reading which you must have understood thatHow to earn money from Moj App.

You can also make a video and upload it in Moj App and if you have anyvideo viralIf it becomes popular, you will become popular and earn good money through Moj App.

We hope that you would have liked this article written on Moj App. Do share this article with your friends through social media.