Best Online Trading Platform

 For seamless trading online, you need a good trading platform speed, real-time market data and handy tools for advanced charting.


The three types of interfaces available for best online trading platforms in India are

  • Desktop-based trading platform
  • Web-based trading platform
  • Mobile App based trading platform

Desktop based trading platform is the fastest of all the three platforms and is suited to professional traders who want to place quick orders.


You can place orders with the help of shortcut keys in a desktop-based trading platform. The trading software is in the form of exe.files that you can install on your PC or laptop.

Web-based trading platform uses URL (website address) for login and is accessible over Google Chrome and Firefox. Web-based trading platforms are a bit slower as compared to desktop-based platforms.

Mobile apps are becoming more popular because of their ease to trade anytime and anywhere. Most stockbrokers now provide Android and iOS-based apps to trade.


  • Fix Rs. 20 per trade on intraday trades
  • Zero brokerage on the stock delivery
  • Good customer support
  • Best charts and tools for technical analysis

Zerodha Kite is a web trading platform with bandwidth consumption of fewer than 0.5 Kbps. There are no specific system requirements, but you need a decent internet speed.

You can access to full Marketwatch, extensive charting with over 100 indicators and 6 chart types.

The platform lets you place Bracket and Cover orders in milliseconds. Additionally, you can view 20 market depth (trade quotes) to gauge market liquidity and trade accordingly.

Using Kite, one can search and trade 90,000+ stocks and F&O contracts across multiple exchanges.

Kite is loaded with an intuitively designed sleek interface where you can analyze, trade and manage your portfolio in your personalized way.

What I Like

  • 100+ indicators and 6 chart types
  • Low bandwidth consumption of 0.5 Kbps
  • View 20 market depth

What I don’t Like

  • Cannot trade directly from charts

Upstox Pro Web Trading Platform Review

Fastest growing stockbroker
  • Free account opening & Zero AMC
  • Fix Rs. 20 per trade
  • Fast account opening process
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UpStox Pro (read full Upstox review) is a web (HTML) based trading platform best viewed on Google Chrome.

The Upstox Pro Web trading platform is independent of any specific hardware or software requirements. The trading platform will work on any PC irrespective of the operating system. All you need is good internet speed and a browser.

To help you spot market trends and make informed decisions, the UpStox Pro web comes with powerful customizable charts with 100+ indicators.

One can place cover orders and bracket orders from a single order entry form. Further, the widget feature helps in personalizing the platform to suit your unique trading style.

Upstox Pro Web offers a wide variety of widgets such as

  1. Watchlist
  2. Charts
  3. Order Book
  4. Position Book.

You can use 107 indicators and historical data for the last 10 years. The charting duration range is customizable from 1 minute to 1 month.

Further, the UpStox Pro web platform lets you place an order directly from the charts by clicking on the chart.

What I Like

  • Customizable charts with 100+ indicators
  • Widget feature to personalize the platform
  • Place an order from charts

What I don’t Like

  • No market depth tool like Zerodha

Best Mobile Online Trading Platform in India

#3. 5 Paisa Mobile Online Trading App Review

Best mobile trading app
  • Lowest brokerage charges of Rs 10 per trade
  • Zero brokerage on delivery (under Ultra Trader pack)
  • Fastest account opening process
  • Offers the best trading app that is easy to use

5 Paisa mobile trading app helps you trade in equity, invest in mutual funds, buy digital gold, insurance and take personal loans.

You can place orders in a single click order placement. The app is loaded with advanced charts, drawing functionality and stock research to aid your trading.

However, on the app stores, there are reviews of slow chart loading and inadequate customer service.