LIC Dhan Varsha Yojana

LIC Dhan Varsha Yojana: Find LIC Dhan Varsha Yojana, a strategy that guarantees a development measure of 91 lakhs. Know how you can profit from this arrangement and how to exploit it. 

LIC Dhan Varsha Yojana

આવી બીજી માહિતી મેળવવા અહી ક્લિક કરો

LIC (Disaster protection Partnership) is continually acquainting new arrangements with meet the assorted necessities of its clients. Today, we have brought to your notification a momentous strategy, the LIC Dhan Varsh Yojana, which ensures a critical development measure of 91 lakhs. This article investigates the intricacies of this strategy by featuring its elements, qualification models and the most common way of accomplishing it.

LIC Dhan Varsha Yojana presents an exceptional chance to increase your investment funds up to ten times over a drawn out period. Eminently, this strategy calls for a one-time expense installment, pursuing it an appealing decision for people looking for exhaustive life coverage inclusion with brilliant returns. As a non-participatory, individual reserve funds and extra security plan, it successfully joins insurance and reserve funds components.

Eligibility Criteria for LIC Dhan Varsha Yojana

To profit the advantage of Dhan Varsha Yojana, you should meet particular age necessities. For strategy terms as long as 15 years, the base section age is 3 years, while for a 10-year strategy, the base passage age is 8 years. In any case, people over 35 years old can select a 15-year strategy, which offers an extra advantage of 10% return. 

આવી બીજી યોજનાની માહિતી મેળવવા અહિ ક્લિક કરો 

LIC Dhan Varsha Yojana

Benefit the strategy

One of the benefits of LIC Dhan Varsha strategy is the adaptability to contribute at an early age. It is a non-participatory, individual, single-premium investment funds protection plan. Kindly note that this arrangement must be bought disconnected, and you really want to visit the closest LIC office to apply for it.

Financial security for nominee

On acquisition of Dhan Varsha Yojana, the policyholder guarantees monetary security for his family or chosen one. In the lamentable occasion of the demise of the policyholder, the asset sum is conveyed to the candidate. Subsequently, this approach gives inner serenity and fills in as security for your friends and family. આવી બીજી યોજનાની માહિતી મેળવવા અહિ ક્લિક કરો 

Aggregation of 91 Lakhs : Definite Evaluations

Under the LIC Dhan Varsha Yojana, assuming the policyholder passes on during the tenth year of the approach, the chosen one will get an amazing amount of Rs 91,49,500. Likewise, the plan gives a reliable development sum on finishing. Early on Rs. By beginning a speculation as low as ₹10 lakh, policyholders can harvest significant returns from here on out.

LIC's Dhan Varsh Yojana arises as a profoundly alluring strategy, offering people a chance to get their monetary future while procuring significant returns. With its one-time charge installment, joined reserve funds and disaster protection benefits and a critical development measure of 91 lakhs, this strategy presents an alluring decision.આવી બીજી યોજનાની માહિતી મેળવવા અહિ ક્લિક કરો 

Profit the highlights of Dhan Varsha Yojana by visiting your closest LIC office and getting your family's prosperity. Begin early, contribute shrewdly and receive the benefits of this astounding strategy.


What is the development sum under LIC Dhan Varsha Yojana ?

The development sum under LIC Dhan Varsha Yojana is 91 lakhs. 

Can I buy a policy online?

No, LIC Dhan Varsha Yojana can be bought disconnected simply by visiting the closest LIC office.

What happens if the policyholder dies?

In the lamentable occasion of the policyholder's downfall, the asset sum is given to the chosen one or the policyholder's family, giving monetary security. 

How might I gather 91 lakhs under this approach?

Very early on Rs. By effective money management just 10 lakhs, policyholders can accomplish a development of 91 lakhs in the tenth strategy year.