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Call Voice Changer: Call Girl Voice Changer APK APK is a simple yet effective tool that lets you change your voice. You can change your voice to nostalgic, cute, young or other. This apk has evolved over a long period of time and has become a very prominent character in social media, voice chatting, gaming and modern voice communication. Also Presh Thakor has written about this apk with great knowledge and economical dedication.

Call Girl Voice Changer – Call Girl Voice Changer changes the user's voice from masculine to feminine. One of the most remarkable things about the app is that it is able to accomplish this feat in real time. It's not just a filter that you apply to an already existing audio file. Instead, you usually talk on the phone while the app handles everything in real time. These can be used for a variety of different tasks. But people usually use apps to change their voice during phone calls. This shows once again how important real-time processing is. The app works so fast that the people on the other end of the line will have no idea that the user is using third party software to change his voice.

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The app works by taking audio from the phone's microphone and pitch-shifting it. The resulting audio is then pushed back into the phone's normal processing flow. We can think of it as the flow of a river. The phone's audio usually travels in a straight line from the microphone to the main processor in charge of the phone's communications. But the call voice changer essentially does the work of locking the normal flow of the river. A lock temporarily stops the flow of a river so that some processing can be done on a ship traveling within the river. Similarly, this application immediately stops the flow of audio data from the microphone. Once the audio data is intercepted, it is processed quickly with pitch-shifting algorithms.

The results of the app's audio processing are then sent to the entire system. This means that there is no need to worry about compatibility with other programs. No other programs on your phone will be aware that your voice is changing. This is due to the fact that Call Voice Changer is working within the normal Android audio chain rather than trying to create something new in the built-in chain of events. 

What are the Features of All Girl Voice Changer APK?

But the fact that the app creates a separate area also means you can do some other neat things during calls. For example, the app will show you your newly converted voice recording to a wav file. However this is an optional addition which happens automatically.

The app lets you decide how loud you want your voice to be using a simple slider. This defaults to a change in pitch that should make most men sound like women. However, you may want to record the different levels yourself using a wav recorder. This will allow you to hear your new sound before testing it.

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  • article name: all girl voice changer apk
  • Language: Gujarati and English
  • instead of: boy and girl
  • rating: 4 stars 

The application is very easy to use. However, it may be a little too easy for some people. The main options available to users are the pitch shifting slider and the record wave r. You really won't be able to differentiate your voice with anything other than simple pitch shifting. However, the simplicity of the application makes it easy and start enjoying it.


  • Voice change happens in real time
  • A great way to play tricks with friends and family
  • Gives users the option to save their modified sound as a WAV file


  • Doesn't offer many options to further personalize your new voice

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