AC bed sheet feel cold in summer

AC bed sheet feel cold in summer: Friends, as we know, very hot weather is going on recently. It is not necessary that everyone has AC in their house, and even if it is there, then everyone is worried about the electricity bill. In such a situation, we have brought for you - Electric cooling bedsheet which makes you feel cold in summer! Yes friends, this is such a bedsheet through which one feels cold even in summer. Come, today we will tell you about Electric Cooling Bed Sheets. 

Electric cooling bedsheets are made from natural fibers. The Best Bed Gear Cooling Sheets Benefit Your Home. Get a slash on each set of Electric Cooling Bedsheets. King Electric Cooling Bed Sheet and Queen Electric Cooling Bed Sheet Prices. Depends on the size of the bed and the set you need.

AC bed sheet feel cold in summer

Price of Electric Cooling Bed Sheets The cost of cooling bed sheets is low. Summer season is here and people are looking for different ways to cool down in the hot season. Due to the extreme temperature, just putting on wings is not enough, the temperature is rising every day and people are forced to bear the unbearable heat. And even when there is AC inside the house, people are worried about their electricity bills and cannot switch on the AC for a long time. In such a situation, people are suffering from extreme heat. In this case, let's talk about cooling sheet.

In the current summer it is possible to buy an Electric Cooling Bed Sheets, i.e. bedsheets easily available in the market, which start releasing cool air from your bed as soon as you lie down on your mattress. It also removes heat. The advantage of this cooling sheet is that, even though it is used more frequently, it consumes only a small amount of energy and makes no noise. So you can rest in peace.

What is the main feature of Electric Cooling Bed Sheets?

When Electric Cooling Bed Sheets are placed on top of a normal bed, it looks like a normal bedsheet. But there is an element of technology employed in this. It uses a gel technology for cooling, which cools down when air flows through it. Cooling fans are inserted within the tube at the other end of the sheet, and this circulates air across the sheet. It is so quiet that it doesn't even make a sound when it is running. Control boxes are included to control how fast the fan runs. Along with this, tubes have also been provided to remove the hot air.

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How many units will be required?

You will be surprised to know that it is true that electric cooling bedsheets are priced lower than normal lamps for cooling. The cooling fan in the bedsheet consumes only 4.5 milliwatts of power. This means that only one unit of electricity will be used to run the fan for a week. The weight of the cooling sheets is just 2 kgs. It is easy to take it anywhere by folding it in half. It also has a timer so you can set your own cooling time.

cooling sheets for bed price

In terms of the price of Electric Cooling Bed Sheets, you can buy it from both offline and online sources. If you buy it offline, you can buy it from the market. If you shop online, you will get this cooling bed sheet at an affordable price. It is available for online shopping through websites for a price ranging from Rs.1500 to Rs.2000.

This AC is not able to wash bedsheets like normal sheets. Cleaning it with a damp cloth, or soaking it in water, can damage the electrical equipment as well as the fan. It is not repairable. If the sheet becomes damaged, it can be cleaned with a clean, dry cloth. Chadar is mostly used during hot weather. But it can be used year-round if there is more heat.

Today being very hot and sunny, the demand for various types of cooling equipment has increased. You can try these electric cooling bedsheets to stay cool. For those with an expensive budget and willing to invest money, install gadgets like AC and cooler. However, for those with limited funds, information is provided on these cheap cooling devices.

F.A.Q. : Electric Cooling Bed Sheets

What is the online price of Electric Cooling Bed Sheets?

Rs 1500 to 2000

How much does Electric Cooling Bed Sheets weigh?

2 Kg

What are the things to be kept in mind to clean this Electric Cooling Bed Sheets?

This sheet should be kept away from getting wet and should not be cleaned with wet cloth.

How many units of electricity is used per week to operate this Electric Cooling Bed Sheets?

1 unit

What's Inside This Cooling Bedsheet?

cooling fan