Khedut Akasmat Vima Yojana Details In Gujarati

Government of Gujarat has executed Farmer’s Accidental Insurance Scheme since 26th January, 1996 to supply inclusion to the enlisted ranchers for good measure of coincidental demise or super durable incapacity. This plan is 100 percent supported by government . during this plan, premium is paid by the public authority for all ranchers. This plan is carried out under the Gujarat Local gathering Janta Incidental Protection Plan from 01/04/08 through Head of Protection, Gandhinagar.

Khedut Akasmat Vima Yojana Details In Gujarati

Objective Of Khedut Akasmat Vima Yojna :

The principal objective of the plan is to help the replacement of the enlisted rancher, all youngster (child/girl) of the enrolled rancher and the spouse/wife of the enrolled rancher in the event of death or handicap because of mishap.

Recipient Of Khedut Akasmat Vima Yojna

In the event of coincidental demise or extremely durable handicap, every enlisted rancher, any youngster (child/girl) of the rancher and spouse/wife of the rancher having age of 5 to 70 years are recipients for the plan.

Fundamental Circumstances: Of Khedut Akasmat Yojna :

  • Expired or Super durable handicap individual ought to be enrolled rancher (Have Individual or Joint name land) or offspring of enlisted rancher (Child or Girl) or the spouse/Wife
  • Demise or long-lasting incapacity should be because of mishap
  • Self destruction or Regular passing are not canvassed in this plan.
  • Expired or Extremely durable inability individual having age of 5 to 70 years.
  • Application ought to be made in the span of 150 days to the workplace of concerned Region Horticulture Official

Amended Pace of Help Of Khedut Akasmat Yojna

  • According to Horticulture, Ranchers government assistance and Collaboration Division's amended goal dated 13/11/2018, help for the recipient modified as beneath.
  • In the event of unintentional passing or super durable handicap 100 percent help of Rs. 2.00 lakh
  • If there should be an occurrence of unplanned deficiency of two eyes/two appendages/hand and leg/one eye and one hand or leg 100 percent help of Rs. 2.00 lakh (100 percent full sight misfortune in the event of eye, if there should be an occurrence of hand-loss of upper piece of the wrist and if there should be an occurrence of the leg-completely cut off from the knee)
  • If there should be an occurrence of incidental deficiency of one eye or one appendage half help of Rs. 1.00 lakh
  • Arrangement of the recipient under the plan in sequential request
  • Spouse/wife : In his/her nonattendance
  • Youngsters child/Little girl : In their nonattendance
  • Parent Father/mother : In their nonattendance
  • Amazing Child/Terrific Little girl : without I, II, II
  • Unmarried/Widow/Banished Sister who are reliant and living with the recipient
  • Any beneficiaries announced under the Beneficiaries Act applied to the recipient associated with other than previously mentioned cases and disputable case

The most effective method to get advantages of the plan Of Khedut Akasmat Sahay Yojna

In the event of unplanned passing, candidate will be unintentional rancher's replacement and on account of coincidentally handicap, candidate will be impair individual himself. Candidate ought to present the application alongside the pertinent papers in the endorsed arrangement to the concerned Area Agrarian Official, Locale Panchayat in somewhere around 150 days from the date of death or date of unintentional handicaps. Application got following 150 days won't be qualified.

Rundown of reports joined with the case application Of Khedut Akasmat Vima Yojna :

  • Application in endorsed structure Annexure - 1, 2,3, 3(A),4,5
  • 7/12, 8-A, Structure no: 6 (ensured remove after death date)
  • After death Report
  • F.I.R and spot panchnama Police Investigation Report or Court Request
  • Demise Endorsement and Age Evidence
  • Case Endorsement report of Sub Divisional Judge.
  • Handicap endorsement of Clinical board/Common Specialist on account of extremely durable inability and Photo of disablement shown.
  • Substantial Driving Permit in the event of Perished was driving at the hour of mishap.
  • Reimbursement bond
  • Heriditary Report (Pedhinamu)
  • Heriditary Report (Pedhinamu) in Replacement situation (When the spouse/wife are not Replacement)
  • Some other confirmation asked by Head of Protection

Changes in Plan Of Khedut Akasmat Vima Yojna :

With the goal dtd.25.06.2007 of Money Division, Govt. of Gujarat, clubbed unintentional protection plans of the different branches of the State in one complete protection conspire, in which Rancher Coincidental Protection Plan is incorporated. The plan is carried out by the Head of Protection, Gandhinagar from 01/04/08. Thorough goal was given on 01.04.2013 by corrections to the goal dated 25.06.2007 of the Money Division.

First enduring Youngster (Child/Girl) of the enlisted rancher was covered from 01/04/2012 and the Spouse/Wife of the enrolled ranchers was covered from 01/04/2016 in Rancher Unintentional Protection Plan.

Khedut Akasmat Vima Yojan Help Sum

With the changed goal dated 13/11/2018 of the Agribusiness, Rancher Government assistance and Co-activity Division, increments of help with rancher unplanned protection plot, inclusion of any kid rather than first endure youngster and inclusion of enlisted rancher according to income record at the hour of mishap or super durable handicap are remembered for this.